Thank you for your interest in my upcoming workshops. I am so excited to have you join me in something i have been dreaming about for some time! Upcoming workshops are also now listed in my online store.

Filling My Well Workshop for Women – 7 Hours ($295)

Art and Wellbeing – 3 Hours one on one ($220)

Filling My Well – Wellbeing in the Workplace (POA)

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“Filling My Well”

I had this realization of ‘Filling My Well’ when my 4 children were smaller and I felt like I gave, gave and gave until my Well seemed empty. I then realized I wasn’t much good to anyone … until I made it my priority to do some ‘self care’. This took some time as I felt guilty about taking this time, I suppose it is what they call ‘Mother’s guilt’ except I had a double wammy, ‘Mother’s guilt’ and ‘Catholic Guilt’!!

So I enrolled in a Fitness Course by distance Ed and I studied while our youngest, twin boys slept during the day. I absolutely loved my new found passion and realized just how good moving my body felt. I also noticed how amazing it was to fuel my body with the energy which I needed running after 4 little ones!

This was 11 years ago and I taught group fitness in surrounding villages for 7 1/2 years.

My other part of ‘The Filling My Well’ notion was to make art part of my daily practice and I have always tried to do something creative each day otherwise I would go seriously mad.

I injured my back, (picking up clothes from the boys floor – so I haven’t done it since!) and I couldn’t exercise or teach my classes for some time. Sometimes I think if we don’t listen to our bodies it comes out in a physical way so you need to listen. So my lesson here was to take the accelerator off and reassess things. We have these amazing old shearing huts that we use for 3 weeks of the year and the rest of the time they are empty – so this is where my idea was born!

I am so excited to bring this dream to life and to watch it unfold into what it is meant to be. I love helping others and I see a real need for my ‘Filling my Well’ concept and I know how important it is for me to do the things that ‘Fill My Well’and I am blessed to be able to share with others my journey and hopefully inspire others to add a little “self care” to their day or week.

An uplifting workshop focusing on the mind and body using art, food, gentle exercise, relaxation and mindfulness and much more …

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