A special piece.

Mixed media on canvas

40cm x 81cm

When i look from my love filled parents home, across the garden that my brother Joseph has lovingly created, i look upon the poplars and magical gums. This was my father’s playground. He appreciated and worked this land to provide us all with the treasures and essentials of life.
This scene, like so many country landscapes was our playground too. We escaped into the paddocks, playfully running across the hills, the valleys and climbing these trees. We felt like we didn’t have a care in the world and if we did, the wind seemed to carry them from us to give our minds a rest. We would jump the fences, sometimes getting caught on the barb and ripping our pants. We would do, like a cart wheel motion over the gates. (I still do this and love the feeling!!)
We laughed, we caught yabbies in the dam and we would go on adventures for hours until we heard the cow bell ring indicating it was dinner time! We would run from all directions of our property and turn up abit battled, breathless but happy to be at the table!
We had a childhood that was nurtured and we appreciated all that life gave us. We were taught never to talk of money as it was bad manners! We were taught to lift others and to be kind and compassionate to all who cross our paths. We often had people stay that were doing it tough. I admire mum and dad so much for this as they had 10 children of their own but there was always room for someone else that needed a break from the city or just needed somewhere to call home for a while. I didn’t realise at the time how amazing these acts of kindness were from my parents but i do now. What amazing teachers we had/have. To instill such awareness and emotional intelligence is something i try to instill in our own children. These things being so incredibly important especially to be aware of others and their struggles.
It has been so lovely to revisit these times in my mind. Such beautiful memories and so grateful to have had this childhood surrounded by love, inspiring people and surroundings. More than ever i feel so blest to have experienced this as i know not all are as fortunate.
I love this piece. I love the limited colour scheme and all it represents.
Love Steph xx