Love Letter for a Sunday…..Vulnerability.

I was flicking through my photos and came across this one that gorgeous Camilla took of me earlier in the year. I would need a lot more clothes on today!! Sooooo fresh! .There is a look in my face of vulnerability, of questioning, of sadness and of wonder. Almost looking for the answers. After beautiful Franny died I have let go of lots of things I worried about and questioned. There are new questions and worries, maybe one would say ‘The things that matter More’. There is a lot of time wasted in worry, in questioning ourselves and others. I’m a big believer in going with your intuition ✨️.

But it takes courage to do this sometimes and a lot of self belief. The vulnerability in my face is one that I would, in the past, not want to show. But the last 7 months have taught me that we can’t hide behind a mask when every cell in our bodies have been shaken. I think this vulnerability is now my armor, it’s one that I can’t hide, it is part of who I am and always has been, though hidden in the past. But now it’s worn quite visibly because when you lose loved ones your core becomes that loss. I am learning to build my life around that core, slowly but trying.

As I look out the window this morning at the amazing light, with a huge dark threatening sky. I see the vulnerability all around me in nature. The baby lambs that we’re born last night into this cold, the naked trees trying to stand strong against the wind, the urge to face the sun and gather some light on my face. Life is vulnerable and Life is magnificent within all of this. When we have the courage to show our vulnerabilities, we allow others to share theirs. We allow a warm place to hold others.

All my love and warm cuddles to you today.

Love Steph xxoo

PS Excited to be back in my studio today and gather that vulnerability onto a canvas. Xx