Love Letter for your Wednesday…..the road….

♡ love this pic, it seems to be for me a bit of a image representing life.

♡ Our path is ahead and behind us. Behind are our lessons learnt, ahead is the unknown. There is the shady tree to rest out weary bodies, the guide posts to lead us on our way, the downhill easier run and the harder uphill run. There’s the straight path, where we totally have it and there’s the windy complicated path. There’s a few bumps in the road to keep us honest. There’s the unknown over the hills and this is where we need to have faith and trust the journey ahead. It’s sometimes so much harder than we wish for and that’s super tough but we are so much stronger than we think we are and we have our cheerleaders gathered around us, holding us up.

♡ My love and blessings to you all today.

Love Steph xxoo