Love Letter for your Friday…..”Everyone dies but not everyone lives”!

I came across a special park bench this morning with a memorial plaque on it. I always love to read these plaques as i feel they are special tributes of people that loved to walk, sit, contemplate life and they are usually beautiful words of people that have gone before us. The words were beautiful but the final ones resonated with me. “Everyone dies but not everyone lives”! What a thought provoking sentence that is! I continued on my walk thinking about this notion.

I have always been a worrier and it’s something i have worked really hard on but sometimes it does robe me of my Joy. I am pretty big on being led and believing in signs and this has served me well. (I was definitely led to this park bench!!) If i eat well, exercise, don’t feel too overloaded and get enough sleep my worries are usually tamed. But sometimes they creep in on me and my head starts to spin like spinning top! When our worries/anxieties take over they inhabit our lives and ‘the living’ is dulled. We are given this one life to live ♡to love ♡to help others ♡to be the best version of ourselves ♡to use our gifts ♡to appreciate and look after our surroundings and the people in it……only when we slow down can we notice these things. Like the stillness and beauty in this image. If we are constantly rushing, constantly worrying we miss the joy, the little things, the appreciation of what’s going on around us. This is not living!

So maybe that’s what this sentence means. I do know that life is full of ups and downs and usually it’s in our suffering that the lessons are learnt (as hard as this is at times) but even within that there is something to be grateful for and there is living in that. GRATITUDE is what sustains us. It helps us see the good and it changes are mind set.

Each night i go to bed, i say the rosary- praying for family, friends, strangers that need some strength. I am thankful for my day with saying 3 plus things i am grateful for and trace a cross on my head (a ritual from my dear Da and Mumma).

So today is about living. We don’t know what it holds but we can grab it by the horns and give it our best shot. Because that’s actually what it is all about!

My love always, Steph xx