Love Letter for a Wednesday….

Be the Young, the Brave, the Powerful because the world is standing waiting for someone to come and change it! The words of James Blunt.

I have been thinking about our young people a lot lately. I wanted to sing their praises in this love letter and draw some attention to the wonderful people they are.

I feel that we need to support them as much as we can.We need to be with them, to listen to them and hold them close. There are so many different pressures for them and they need us to gently guide them and be their cheerleaders. I feel saddened that there are so many that have taken their lives because they must feel in absolute despair. We need you here dear ones.

Our young are incredible people. Keep chatting, keep creating the space and time to just be with them. They may not think they need us but they really do. Keep reminding them to value, respect and love their bodies. And that of others too.

Our children needed us a lot when they were little and they need us a lot more now in a different way.

I have created this artwork based on James Blunt’s song, “The Greatest”. The words are very powerful. The figure is reaching out in a garden of beautiful soft flowers. 

It is titled “I am here for You” and I painted most of it in one day. When I get in my zone I find it hard to stop! I started this piece with the inspiration of the Imaginary Future’s version of “Forever Young”. The words are what we wish for for our Young. A beautiful song!

“People will try to take you down too but if I was a betting man, I’d put all my money on you”. James Blunt

I think this song has resonated with me because I do believe in the Young. I believe in the fact that we only know what we have known. The fact that each young person is the product of their genes, experiences, circumstances. We don’t choose what we are born into, it’s a lottery. When we have been blest with love, kindness, encouragement and the basic needs of living we have a responsibility to help others that may not have been so fortunate or may have lost their way. We need to lift and hold them. We need to help them in the best way we know how. If we can invest in our youth, give them the reassurance that they need, the world will be a better place for all. 

“Success can be measured by fame and fortune but it should be measured by the smile on your face and the friends you have around you” James Blunt.

We are who we are by the lessons we have learnt, by the people that surround us, by the failures and successes we have been given, by the experiences, opportunities that we have been given. Each day we have the opportunity to smile at someone, to lift someone up, to encourage someone who may be having a low time, to give something of ourselves to that person…our time, our gifts, our kindness, our love, our knowledge. These things help us to grow. Think of a seed that is planted. If we prepare the soil well, add fertilizer, water, sunlight, if we care for this seed it will respond in the best way it knows how. It will flourish.

But if we leave a seed on concrete, without the nurturing that is needed, it will not flourish, it will not grow to the best of its ability. Can we please think about our young in this way.

They are the seed willing to grow and we are the sun, the water, the fertilizer…. the everything!  

Reach out and be there for our Young. Help them be the Brave, the powerful, the greatest they can be. Because they are our future and we need them.

My love to you all today,

Love Steph xx