Love Letter for a Friday….Valuing yourself for what and how you are!

My journey of being an artist thus far!

As some of you know I have been working towards a solo exhibition in Goondiwindi. I am just so excited with my artworks and how it has all come together. It opens Wednesday 26th May 6pm at the Resting Place of the Birds, Goondiwindi Art Gallery. And continues for 6 weeks.

With 17 works on show, I like it is one of my best collections yet! I feel like this is meant to be how you feel as the further you go in your career as an artist the more comfortable and ‘better’ you get!

I have been ‘practicing’ as an artist for the last 24 years. I always find this a funny phrase! Yes, we are ‘practicing’ and one day we might get it! I don’t think I’m that big on this phrase actually so I think I will start saying I am an artist and this is my work or I am working as an artist!

In this time, I have, like so many artists, had many ups and many lows. I have learnt and am still learning so many things as I go.

One of the biggest lessons is knowing that whatever will be, will be. You can put yourself out there, work hard and smart but in the end it all goes where it is meant to go!

 We actually don’t have too much control of it. What we do have control over is how we react and respond to it. This is where my faith comes in. I do trust the journey now. This is not to say that I get disappointed. I have had many a tear over not being accepted for submissions and magazines. Because this dents your self-value, you start to say Why not Me? I have thought this many times and still do sometimes. But I also ask myself now. Why Me? I feel now that there is a reason they didn’t choose me. Maybe they are not part of my value system, maybe my artworks are not what they are looking for at the moment? Maybe my artworks and thoughts need to go somewhere else? 

I know in my heart that there is a place for my thoughts and artworks and they will always find a home. A home that appreciates, that supports, that loves and holds them close. This in the end is where I want my thoughts and artworks to be housed. They will all go where they need to go and this is actually my thoughts when I am creating each and every piece. They all go on a journey, some go quickly, others take some time. 

Sometimes we push so hard because we want it so badly and let me tell you I have done this a lot!! I have always worked hard and now I work hard and ‘smarter’! The rest will take care of itself. In the end all will be well and quite often it works out different and maybe better than you first thought! (When I wrote that last sentence, I felt like YESSS I finally have peace with this, a big sigh out!)

I think if it feels right, if it sits well with you then give it a try. Yes, there will be lessons learnt, some great and some not so great but that is life. The lessons that I have learnt in disappointment have been the most difficult, but this just makes you change things and this is where growth takes a massive leap!

 I have learnt to value myself, my ideas, my work, my options, my total makeup! Not everyone will ‘get’ me or my artworks and thoughts but that is ok to me. They all go where they are meant to go.

All my love and gratitude for supporting me on my life journey.

Love Steph xxoo

PS Photo credit, my daughter Trix. xx