Love Letter for a Friday – for Franny


The three stages of Life..

This morning as I walked up our hill, I snapped off a dandelion, as I often do to make a wish. This one has a story. It depicts the three stages of life.

A green new bud, full of life and possibilities. The birth of something new and exciting. Yet to be recognized and known for its beauty and intelligence.

The middle bud, in full swing but fragile…wishes to be had, dreams to be dreamt, appreciation to be acknowledged, Love to feel and give, words to be said and held on to, peace to be held, faith to be cherished, experience’s and lessons to be had, learnt and endured, emotions to be felt of pain, heartache, anger, excitement, joy……

And then the last bud. Where life has gone. It’s run the good race, it felt the emotions, it lived a life, if only short, of beauty, making a difference and impact, touching others, acknowledging all that life holds, the colour gone but still holding beauty and leaving its mark. A life of beauty, intelligence, faith, love, hope, strength, hardship, joys, laughter, impressions, impact, debates, conversations, hugs, kisses, music, art, unforgettable times, kindness and so much more. A full life but we thought too short. We don’t know why, it’s one of the mysteries of life but what we do know is that it will never be the same again. It will be different but it will hold the richness of someone that injected life, colour, beauty into each person/animal that crossed her path.

To our beautiful Franny. Thank you for holding my hand when we were little and being the brave one. The one that spoke when I couldn’t, the one that said things I would never dream of saying and the one that achieved so much in such a short time.

You are loved, my darling one always and will hold such a special place in all our hearts.

Love you Franny always. Love Steph xx