Flourish Virtual Retreat – 21st April 2021

Soooooo excited to be invited to be a pre-recorded speaker on this event. In my talk I will be chatting about the notion of “Being Your Own Lighthouse”. Oooohhhh sounds exciting and want to know more then book a ticket.

If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to get you going, this is for YOU! This so super cool as you can be in the comfort of your own home and have access to all these wonderful speakers!Check it out!

Flourish Virtual Retreat is a hybrid virtual event for Creative business owners & entrepreneurs .The event features live keynotes and workshops + VIP ticket holders get access to a bank of pre-recorded sessions, providing you with advice, encouragement and hands on activities on how you can get more motivation, money & momentum in your creative business. Get your VIP pass and access my [talk/workshop] [talk name] for 60 days. All pre-recorded sessions will be available from April 21st after the live opening day + another 10+ pre-recorded sessions by thought leaders in their fields. Leave this retreat ready to move forward in your creative biz with purpose & passion and make more of a profit!

Purchase tickets through the link below