Love Letter for a Tuesday. Thank you to our children. Xx

On numerous occasions these last 2 plus years, our 12 year old Monty has helped with the feeding of our stock. He is a very hands on boy and needs a job! He feels comfortable being by himself, enjoying his own company. For a 12 year old he has this innate sense of stockmanship. He is gentle and is an animal lover. Monty quietly goes about his chores with a knowing like he has been here before. .
I feel the last few weeks have been really tough for a lot of people. So much going on and i think our hearts go out to all who have been suffering. Each & every person battling their own battles. Some in a quiet ‘you would never know’ way and others being able to be more vocal. We all deal with things in our own way, doing the best we can. Remembering everyones best is quite different. .
It’s a tough time for our children and i have recently noticed this more than ever. I think our Monty is the most keen about the land out of our 4 beautiful children. It is in his blood! Though lately i feel like he needs to have a break from the dust and feeding, he needs to be a kid for a while & not worry about when it’s going to rain. I think starting high school is a chance to have a break and just do the ‘school thing’. .
I remember when i was about 7 in the 80’s drought, my mother making everything herself, both mum & dad were very self sufficient. We had our own meat, milk, veges, butter and even ice cream as a treat! I don’t remember talk of the drought but just knew it was dry. I wonder how different our children see this drought as to when we were little. I know stock prices were so low then in contrast to now. I know i wasn’t as involved then. .
We are breeding resilient, capable children. We are blest & i think maybe a reminder to us all that we need to cherish this ‘kid time’ as soon it will pass. I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the beautiful resilient country kids doing their part to help their mums & dads through these tough times. Thank you for helping, keeping it light, laughing and joking & so much more. We all appreciate it so much and love you to the moon & back. Xxoo
My love to all, Steph xx