Love Letter for a Friday – Let the Light shine in…..

Each morning I go for a walk with our 4 dogs, Butter, Bobby, Jess and Tinny. They are my walking companions and they wait for me at our back door to come out, say good morning and then let’s go! They run with so much energy and excitement, it really does make my morning and motivates me to go for a walk. I am incredibly grateful for these morning walks as it enables me to see the beauty that surrounds me and gives perspective on any worries/thoughts that I have.  I walk along our dirt road towards our woolshed, go through a corner wooden gate and then make the slow incline up a noticeably big hill behind our home. I love feeling my muscles stretch and strengthen, knowing they are becoming stronger. There will be the odd wallaby or kangaroo standing tall proud on a rock and the morning song of the magpies and kookaburras. By the time I reach the top the sun is just coming over the Coppabella Hills and it is a sight to be seen. It takes my breath away and I am filled with gratitude for where we live and thankful for another day.

I captured this scene this morning and it was a reminder to let the light in. At the moment there is so much uncertainly, and we are not sure day to day what will take place. I really think if we stay kind, thoughtful of ourselves and others, giving when we can, we can get through this. Though we really need to be mindful of others. Our 4 children went back to school this week and that makes me feel quite lonely after a beautiful school holiday together. They are full of light, love, laughter, generosity of spirit and mindful of others. They are resilient and that helps me be resilient! There are the shadows, the bare branches, the shimmer of the light coming through and in all of this there is beauty to be seen and embraced. We do need to focus on the things that are going well, the things that makes us smile and laugh, the ideas that are coming into place from such difficult times……it is up to us to do what we can and be what we can…the rest is out of our hands.

My love, encouragement, and kindness to you all today,

Love Steph xxoo