Love letter for a Friday… all the HSC students awaiting their results…. You are like the sun rising…..

Love letter for a Friday… all the HSC students awaiting their results……Your ATAR does not define you, it is what you do with it that determines who you are! Xx

.This morning as i sit on my rock on the hill, i am thinking about our dear son awaiting his exam results. I still remember this feeling, the questions, the excitement or disappointment. .I feel so strongly about the fact that this result should never define you. You may have the pressures from parents, from friends, from yourself but please go ever so gently on yourselves. This year has been like no other. It has definitely had and is having its challenges and the uncertainty of the unknown has been really difficult. .Most people i know didn’t get the result that they hoped for but they are successful in their own right, they are winning in life! Just remember most don’t go in the front door, most go in the side door, it just might take a little longer! If you know what you want to do, stick to it and work hard and smart at getting there! .You are beautiful, young, emotionally intelligent, resilient people who will show and are showing the world what you can offer. You will leave a footprint on this earth of one that you should be proud of. You are loved,! You have done your best and remember everyone’s best is different on any given day. .Continue to be kind, continue to follow your calling and know that you have many around you that are your cheerleaders and source them out today. .You are like the sun rising this morning. You are shedding your own individual light on the world. We need your warmth, your light and your energy.

My love and very best wishes for you all today and everyday. Love Steph xxoo