Love letter for a Saturday……whoops!

Well this is just one of “the whoops” over the last week. This one created by myself and there has been several by our children and probably one from Richard too (dare i say!)

There are so many lessons in this scene….lessons in how we react – Initially swearing, then counting the eggs to see if i have enough to cook with, looking at how fragile life can be, the rich colour of the yolk, the way the shell broke, the gooey white of the egg, the cleaning up with paper towel, the spraying of eucalyptus to clean again and smell nice and the last…. throwing away of the evidence!

Who would of known this one scene held so many thoughts and actions? Maybe it’s because we have had a few of these this week that i have decided to reflect rather than overreact to the scene. Or maybe it’s because it’s not sooooo hot this morning!! Who knows??

There are a lot of “whoops” in our lives…some bigger than others, some laughable, some tear jerking, some thought provoking but mostly always lessons for us to grow and learn. I can say that i have had numerous reactions to this situation over the last week and some definitely overreactions…..coming back later to own my behavior and apologize. Some i have laughed at and we have quickly cleaned the “whoops” up!

It depends how we feel in ourselves as to how we react to the “whoops” situations. Sometimes reacting in a very calm way and sometimes in a crazy lunatic way.
I am so not perfect (everyones perfect is different) but i do know that it’s better to breathe 3 times and then survey the “whoops” and then go about it in the best way you can.

My love and hopefully not too many “whoops” today.

Love Steph xxoo