“Sink or Swim! XX

Love Letter for a Sunday Morning
I walked out this morning to our living area to pop another log on the fire and looked at the photo on our mantle. Such a memory! A time in our lives to ‘sink or swim’! Well as you can see by the look on Hylesy and my face we were mostly swimming and not quite sure of the direction!! Photo credit @paulabutt43. I love it because it captured this time in our lives. A time now that i look back on with a blur! A reminder of the importance of taking photos because they are a reminder of our past days and they capture times that we can never get back.
I wanted to write about the notion of ‘sink or swim’. We are mostly resilient humans, we are fighters for what we believe in and we aim to ‘swim’. Sometimes we do feel like we are treading water and sometimes we are swimming like an Olympian. It isn’t actually sustainable to swim like an Olympian all the time. Sometimes we need to sink alittle to feel the life raft that our cheerleaders throw our way, they are our buoyancy.
At this time in our lives we had 4 beautiful healthy children under 5! It was absolutely hectic! (I did say to Hylesy that that’s what happens when you mess with a catholic, you get more than you bargained for! Hence twins!) We had and still have amazing cheerleaders in my lives. Our friends and family that helped us to ‘swim’ and keep afloat!
Around this time (5 weeks before the boys were born) my beautiful brother, sister inlaw and nephew lost their son/brother from leukemia at the age of 16. I know they wondered where their life raft was and wondered how they would keep afloat. But another beautiful friend, Dekka, once said ‘we have to keep going, the alternative isn’t worth looking at’. What strength, what courage is displayed in so many lives each day. Please continue to throw the ‘life raft’ out to others that need your help. Take the time to check in. It’s more important than ever.
This photo was taken 12 years and 2 months ago! We have had a massive amount of ups and downs during this time but we are still swimming and still smiling most days, some with a buoyancy attached! Keep swimming beautiful ones or wave for a life raft.
My love always, love Steph xx