Perspective and reflection

Love letter for a Easter Monday….perspective and reflection xx

Walking this morning i came across this twisted dead fallen branch. I love sticks… their twists, bark and texture, form, faded colour, story and usefulness. It reminded me of keeping perspective in our lives, what matters, what doesn’t matter. And knowing the difference. Sometimes that’s a little tricky! We are heading towards May, the 5th Month of the year and time is certainly flying by again. So it is more important than ever to do what is most meaningful with your time. Time with family, friends, people that lift you up and are your ‘cheerleaders’, doing and creating things/actions that make a difference to yourself and others and spending a little time reflecting on them. Not too much time, overthinking can be damaging.

Reflecting on the last few days, the people you spent your days and nights with and what was cherished about those times, counting our blessings and looking at this week ahead with excitement, wonder and GRATITUDE. What will this week bring?

If that is a little overwhelming for you maybe look at one day at a time, trying to slow the time down and appreciating each moment, their lessons and learning from our triumphs and our failures.

May this Easter Monday be one of reflection and perspective.

My biggest love to you all today, love Steph xxoo