Change and evolving

Love letter for a Monday….change/evolving xx

This morning i came across this scene (see instagram story!). I have always wondered why ants carry other dead ants. I wondered if it was like “a death shall we part” scenario or just helping out? Well it seems that this action is part of their many jobs, to move the dead ants away from the nest to protect themselves and queen against contamination.

It also makes me think about the changes in our lives. This week school goes back, children going into a different year level, maybe a new school. Maybe children/young adults moving out of home to explore the world on new adventures. There is change in the air this week. Change is really hard sometimes, there is so many emotions attached with change.. excitement, nervousness, scared, wonder…the list goes on. The household will have a different vibe, ‘change’ is at work. Maybe we just want to go back to how things were…maybe it’s time for a change or maybe you’re up for a change. .
Change or evolving brings about growth, sometimes taking us out of our comfort zones and that can be really scary. But the same ‘butterflies in our tummy’ that we have when we are unsure can also make us fly…they are there for a reason. Nerves are good…we can use them in a good move us forward.

When change takes place we need to carry each other, helping and sitting with all these emotions that comes with change. We need to recognize that certain behaviors come out, some challenging and new..we need to talk and talk about how we feel or maybe we can’t identify how we feel and that’s ok too.

Today is a new day, a new start to our working week and today is a day of change, wonder, and insight. We will not have this day again, make the most of it. .
Well it’s starting to sprinkle now with rain (hopefully a down pour!) so best get walking! .

My love and thoughts are with all today and may the changes be ones that we can navigate the best way we know how. .

Love Steph xxo

PS Ants are amazing!!! Xxxx