Layers of life

This morning as i walk through the paddocks, i notice the layers on the ground and reminded me of life’s layers. There’s a little green clover/grass – the good times. There’s dried gum leaves blown from a tall strong gum – their time here is coming to an end. There’s frost on top – the times when there’s been ‘frosty’ people and situations. There’s the bark from a beautiful gum, – the protective layer. There’s the colours or lack of, depending on our days – the ups and downs.

It’s a mass of layers this wonderful thing we have ‘life’. It’s fun, it’s hard, it’s complicated, it’s blessed, it’s full of adventures, it’s full of light and dark….it’s a rich tapestry of all of these things/emotions/people/places and so much more.

We have a choice with how we look at it. We can focus on the dead gum leaves or the green clover. And i know this is easier sometimes than others but if the intention is there…that’s a great start!

My love to you this Sunday

Love Steph xxoo

Ps have the best week you can. Xx