Prickly people in our lives

Love letter for a Saturday …. ways to see those prickly people in our lives in a different way!

As i walk on this beautiful fresh morning, feeling the spongy earth beneath my boots, i see this beautiful scotch thistle, totally thriving with our recent rain! These thistles are seen and known as weeds but they look so strong and colourful!
It made me think of the ‘prickly people’ in our lives! We all have these in our lives and come in contact in with them maybe every day. Yesterday when i was Christmas shopping, there seemed to be quite a lot in the car park, frantically searching for a car park, like it’s a life or death situation! It’s really hard not to get caught up in the ‘prickly’….i felt myself getting annoyed I couldn’t find a park! Another woman yelling at my son because he was just popping the shopping bags in the car not going!!

I am choosing to see and think about these ‘prickly’ people this morning (on reflection!!) In a different light. I am trying to choose to see their colourful drama just like this thistle … prickly, having a story, beautiful in their own way and growing from circumstance.

I suppose i want to see the good and even though this can be very hard sometimes , the majority do have good in them. It’s how we react to these ‘prickly’ people that matters. Our beautiful mother is great at this…she would see another mother losing her temper with her children out shopping and set out to divert her attention to the good in her child, saying things like, “Your daughter has the most beautiful eyes”, “Or what a beautiful smile your son has”. The mother would stop and say “oh yes, he/she has” and it was a circuit breaker.

Everybody has a story and most are like they are for a reason. I am not saying it’s ok to be ‘prickly’ but i think if we can be the circuit breakers, the mood changers, then we are making a difference!

My love to you all this morning and have a wonderful day. Love Steph xxoo