Looking after you

Love letter for a Saturday … keeping up with your ‘self care/self compassion’.

It’s a bit of a crazy time of year but in saying that i think the year has been pretty crazy!

I am reminded this morning how important it is to especially in these times to keep looking after yourself. Sometimes this is when we let go of our own ‘self care and compassion’, because it gets too ‘fizzy’ and we can’t fit it in.
Ask yourself what do you do to look after yourself?

I just thought i would suggest a few ‘self care/compassion notions for you to try or would love to know what you do to look after yourself.
*morning walks
*drink water
*try not to over eat…it makes our body and mind heavy..eat more salads, load up on colours!
*swim…hop in water or be near water
*have some quiet times
*make achievable lists and cross things off
*have thoughtful attentive conversations
*finish your cup of tea
*notice your thoughts
*less judgey, more lovely
*hug the ones you love
*Show gratitude, write down 10 things you are grateful for each day, this helps us focus on the positives
*try not to overload your days
*spent time with uplifting positive people, *choose your cheerleaders
*learn to say no without feeling guilty…we can not do it all
*ask for help
*be kind to yourself…whatever and however that resonates with you

Just a few ideas, nothing out of this world but i feel this is what helps me get through these ‘fizzy’ times with more enjoyment and a less dizzy head!
All my love to you this morning, have a beautiful weekend. Love Steph xxoo