Spending time alone


Spending some time alone to collect your thoughts

What an amazing week this has been, spending time with my beautiful friends, chatting with teenagers about their Easter Show Schools Exhibits, the start of school holidays and loving my family being back together again. Amongst all this beautiful people time i have had some time alone too. Going to see a movie by myself ( i haven’t done this for a very looonngg time!) Walking the streets of Sydney exploring, going on buses and trains and then the beautiful strong contrast of being back in the country walking the hills.

As much as I LOVE being surrounded by people I do LOVE to spend time by myself. It is a time to collect my thoughts and to grow some perspective on my thoughts. So I encourage all to take some ‘alone’ adventures and be brave enough to sit with your thoughts and feelings for a while. So good for the soul and truly makes you appreciate the blessings in your life!

The biggest LOVE to YOU this Sunday.
LOVE Steph xxxxx