Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

LOVE letter for a Tuesday

Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ can be easy and also difficult at times. In the last 6 months I have made a conscious effort to say I LOVE YOU to both of my parents. Before this I would sometimes mumble it but I felt I needed to say it more clearly and from my heart so I would always look at them or if on the phone really over pronounce the ‘I’ and place my hand on my heart as I said it.

So for my LOVE LETTER for today start saying I LOVE YOU more to the special people in your life. You will squirm a little at first if you are not used to saying it or feel a little embarrass or mumble it but life is short so just say it, at least you have let people know that You LOVE them, no regrets there.

Biggest LOVE to you today and always, LOVE Steph xxxx