Light and shade

Love letter for a Wednesday….. xxxx

From beginning to end…
Light and dark…..shade and sun…..Xxxx

Our days bring both ends of the spectrum. We can’t have one without the other. As I go out this morning on my daily meditation walk/run/skip to prepare my mind for a new day…I am struck with just how nature operates…the birds sing their morning song, the frog croaks in a creek, the sun Is coming up painting the sky with its morning colours, my body moves without me even telling it to and the list goes on…. i am blessed, so blessed. I have the shade/dark and the sun/light in my life at the moment and as hard as the shade/dark is sometimes…it is a time of growth, difficult to see that when you are in it but it helps to remind myself that this is when we learn the most about ourselves and others.
So today go about your day knowing we really are just being lead by higher means and that like a beautiful day that has a beginning and end, the sun and shade and the light and dark so shall we have both. It’s just how we go about comprehending each end of the spectrum.
My biggest LOVE to you all today, LOVE Steph xxxxx