Internal growth


“Internal Growth”

Each day wake with the feeling, knowledge and intention of Growth…Growth within yourself.

This can be very daunting as we are not sure what our day will bring. There is internal growth in all we do and experience….the pleasurable, the uncertain, the painful, the joy and the sadness.

Like these precious new plants blowing gently in the breeze, glimmering in the new sun, waiting patiently for the moisture…let us just go with what our day brings but going about it in a way that each and every moment can be a ‘growth moment’ if we choose it to be. Those old sayings…’we learn from experience’, ‘a day without learning is a day without living’…. this is “Internal Growth”.

Well let’s have this day knowing in our beautiful hearts that the challenges and experiences are times of Growth and we will learn something new about ourselves.

My biggest brightest LOVE to you today….walk boldly into this day and cherish it like no other.
LOVE Steph xx