Healing time


Well as most of you would know we have recently lost our dear beautiful Father. To help with my healing we are at the beach which is one of my favourite places to be. Over the last month we have all gathered together around our amazing mother as a family ( there are 10 children in my family!) and I feel so incredibly blessed to have each member and also that we have been able to do this.

We all live in 100km radius of Mum and Dad….how amazing is that! Our parents have been our teachers on how to live our lives but they have also ‘let’us live our lives, we have made many mistakes and we have learnt from them. I have no regrets with my dear father, i often said I LOVE YOU and that I appreciated him…I miss him very much and it is a very different journey without him.

My surroundings, my amazing mother, my beautiful children and husband, my brothers and sisters, my uplifting nurturing friends, my art making, the sun shining on my face…….this is my healing. I will go for a swim today in that rolling ocean and wash a little sadness away, the giggles and smiles will come back in as I think of Dad’s sense of humor. No rush, just gently let it come in and go. Thank you for being there for me and reaching out..this is one of our parents main values in life..reach out again and again. I do feel blessed in my many ways.

Biggest LOVE to you all today. LOVE Steph xxxxxx