Hang in there!


Hang in there…the light will shine on you!

Another beautiful Autumn morning bringing forth inspiration for “A Love Letter”. Nature brings forth lots of answers to our questions and thoughts, if we are open to it. We are all trying hard to do our best, and everyone’s ‘best’ is quite different. These beautiful tall strong gums are hanging in there on the side of the creek, roots exposed from floods but clinging to the bank. The trickling sounds of the water flowing…the flow rarely stopping…natures music all around. And finally the sun shining bright for another day. A day that will bring lots of new thoughts, surprises, fears, doubts, excitement and tragedy. But the one sure thing is the sun will come up every morning and today just might be your time to Shine!

Be open and take all in your stride.

The biggest LOVE to all today. Love Steph Xxxxx