Gratitude and staying in the light

LOVE LETTER FOR A SUNDAY MORNING . . . . . Gratitude and Staying in the Light

For many years now I have been expressing Gratitude. Recently I ‘upgraded’ my Gratitude by really focusing on the good in my life each morning and night. I have been finding 10 things in my life I am grateful for…..I remember listening to a woman that had been through such horrendous times and she found, even in these darkest hours, 10 things to be Grateful for in her life each day. This inspired me and since then i have been trying to do the same. By doing this we stay ‘in the light’ and by this we shift our minds into ‘it’s ok’ mode…or a ‘positive mode’. Sometimes it is hard to find these things but to be totally honest for me, there are so many things to be Grateful for.

My 10 things to be Grateful for this morning are….a healthy body, clean water, people that LOVE and support me, green grass, fresh air, an inspiring loving upbringing, butter (our dog!), to be creating and having an exhibition, friends and being inspired.
So what’s your 10 things to be Grateful for this morning….it’s a beautiful habit to get into!
All my LOVE, Light and Gratitude to YOU all this morning. LOVE Steph