Find your spark

Love Letter for a Friday afternoon ….. “Find Your Spark!”xx

Having a beautiful time with this “Kindness Tree”, not quite sure If that is the title but it’s a special piece.

Creating, painting, drawing is what Fills My Well…more than ever I appreciate this feeling. It’s like I have had a beautiful glass of yummy champagne!

It’s so important to find your ‘thing’ or your ‘spark’. This weekend invest time in recreating that ‘spark’…the “thing” that makes you feel like ‘this is your flow’ …the thing that makes your heart jump for JOY. Life can get extremely crazy, stop filling all your spare spots on your calendar and just ‘be’…it’s ok to stop and take a deep breathe and jump into that ‘spark’ of yours.

LOVE and vibrant sparks your way.
Love Steph xxxxx