Feel and heal

LOVE LETTER FOR A TUESDAY EVENING …. Creating space to feel and heal

These are some special moments shared with our dear beautiful father. It is 13 weeks since Dad died and it is such early days really. As life gets busy again, i feel it is so important to Create the Space to feel and heal. How often do we try to ‘fill’ that space with business so we don’t have to feel and if we don’t feel how can we heal?

Sometimes i think the more time that passes the more intense the loss…it takes time to get used to not having that special person in your life, not hearing their voice, their laugh, their smell, their cuddles, their words of wisdom and stories, what they look like and so much more…..i just think we need to savour their memory as well as learning to live without them, to laugh again and to feel like yourself again while trying to create the Space to heal.

My biggest LOVE to you this evening and May you find the Space to feel and heal with your own losses

LOVE always, Steph