Doing what you love

LOVE LETTER FOR A TUESDAY…..Making sure you do what you LOVE each day

Today I am excited to spend sometime in the studio. The studio has been my healing space since our beautiful father died 4 1/2 months ago. This is normally my space to go and create but I have found something special happening…the pieces I have been commissioned have been Soul pieces…pieces that hold a special message in peoples hearts….pieces that evoke feeling and comfort. I have found that this gift i have been given is being utilised in a way which people can connect with and again find comfort.

Each morning as i walk and run through our beautiful property I am reminded of such beauty and it inspires me to create. This uplifting walk this morning up our hill has given me inspiration, clarity, gratitude, strength and LOVE to go about my day the best way I can. It is a magical way to start your day….so what are you making time with today that reconnects YOU to being the best version of YOU?

My biggest bestest LOVE to you today, LOVE Steph XXxX.