Count your blessings

Love letter for a Saturday…..

Stop, breathe and Count your blessings…
This is a bitter sweet time of the year…a time where all emotions seem to be heightened. The pressure to be ‘organised’, having that one perfect present, the thought and feeling of having the first Christmas without your loved ones…..and the list goes on. But the sweet flip side is the joy of children, listening to your favorite Christmas song, meetings with family and friends, sweet smell of Christmas…. and the list goes on

In all of the happiness and the sadness, stop, breathe and count your blessings because most of us have so many. It can be a time to reflect, a time to let go of what we haven’t quite done, a time to have a really good ‘belly laugh’ with your friends and family, a time to cry because of loss and loneliness, a time to realise we are all different and the knowing that most people are fighting their own internal battles, a time to drink more water, a time to eat slowly and savour the tastes, a time to go for a walk- clearing your mind, a time to just be whatever it is you need to be………

May this time of year hold kindness, compassion and gentleness to others knowing that we are all doing our best and everyone’s best Is quite different.

My LOVE to you all today, LOVE Steph