Thursday Night at the Westbourne Huts

Thursday Nights are about gathering people together to laugh, chat, create, share a meal together and to be inspired by each other. The Westbourne Huts is a very special space. A space of creativity and healing. I want to share this space with others, to share stories, how often do we go to a funeral and listen to a eulogy and think we didn’t know that about that person. Everyone has a story and that makes up who we are.

I will be hosting lots of different evenings from adult art classes to guest speakers.

$40 includes speaker and donation to the charity of their choice, light supper and fun! xx

New events will be posted soon (join my mailing list to stay in touch!)

Thursday 21st February – Ana Maria Velasco

6 PM – 9 PM

I invite you to join the Thursday Night at The Westbourne Huts community in listening to the very inspiring and insightful conversation with Ana Maria. I met Ana Maria 2 years ago and she told me a little of her story. After listening to her, I was inspired to get this idea “Thursday Nights’ into action and I am very excited that Ana Maria has accepted my invitation to give of her time to come and give us an insight into her life.

“I am Ana Maria Velasco, I live in Jugiong with my 11 years old son, Luis. I work for Sir George, the local pub in Jugiong as a waitress. I am from Colombia and I moved to Australia 9 years ago. I have a degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Urban Design. As a good Colombian, I love listening to music and dancing, especially Latin music.
Since I came to Australia in 2011 I fell in love with this wonderful country. Not long after I arrived I decided to stay and to become an Australian citizen. I am not very far away to making” that dream coming true. During this journey I have been faced with different challenges, I have had many learning experiences and had met amazing people who had supported me in different ways.
In my adventure, I have been accompanied by the most amazing co-pilot, my son Luis. A very funny, intelligent and talented boy. Luis constantly makes me laugh and he is the main reason why I keep strong and motivated to continue with this adventure”.
Ana Maria

As always these events are about gathering people together to listen to stories of those around us. Each one of us has a story and by sharing these stories we create insight into the world of others. We are not alone in our feelings, emotions and lives and with compassion, acceptance and understanding we can all live together and learn from each other.

$40 includes light supper, speaker fee and a donation to a charity of the speakers choice.
Welcome to bring along a drink of your choice.
Limited places available – book in fast. xx