Love letter for a Saturday……whoops!

Well this is just one of “the whoops” over the last week. This one created by myself and there has been several by our children and probably one from Richard too (dare i say!)

There are so many lessons in this scene….lessons in how we react – Initially swearing, then counting the eggs to see if i have enough to cook with, looking at how fragile life can be, the rich colour of the yolk, the way the shell broke, the gooey white of the egg, the cleaning up with paper towel, the spraying of eucalyptus to clean again and smell nice and the last…. throwing away of the evidence!

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Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

LOVE letter for a Tuesday

Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’ can be easy and also difficult at times. In the last 6 months I have made a conscious effort to say I LOVE YOU to both of my parents. Before this I would sometimes mumble it but I felt I needed to say it more clearly and from my heart so I would always look at them or if on the phone really over pronounce the ‘I’ and place my hand on my heart as I said it.

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Healing Time


As most of you would know we have recently lost our dear beautiful Father. To help with my healing we are at the beach which is one of my favourite places to be. Over the last month we have all gathered together around our amazing mother as a family ( there are 10 children in my family!) and I feel so incredibly blessed to have each member and also that we have been able to do this. Continue reading “Healing Time”