The Build up to Christmas….

Love letter for a Saturday…..the build up to Christmas.

I love this little video i took this morning on my morning walk. To me it reflects this next 4 or so days. It’s the calm, the dark sad times, the light happy times, it’s the ‘freeness’ of the birds flying in the wind, it’s the strong wind, it’s the highs and lows and so much more.

I really, really love Christmas. I love the carols, the decorating the tree, the present buying, going to Mass or Church on Christmas Eve and seeing our children in their end of year concerts. But i also have a very strong sense of how difficult this time can be for so many people. It highlights who or what’s ‘not’ there. There is such a focus on everyone coming together, though some family units are broken or are missing important parts. This is really hard and we need to tread ever so carefully. I think because it’s so hard and with added tension behaviors are a little distorted. Most not knowing what to do with these emotions. It’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to miss them and it’s ok to be happy. Always owning our behavior and maybe explaining to others how you feel or just that you feel crappy and don’t know why but it will pass.

I am sending my love to all those people that are having this Christmas without their loved ones and for those with a family unit that is broken in some way. I am thinking of you and hoping this next 4 days or so are as good as it can be.

My love always, Steph xxoo